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  1. Play Timeline Trivia on Facebook Instant games

    Posted by patrice on September 6th, 2019
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    Wwe are happy to announce that our quizz game Timeline Trivia! is available on Facebook Instant games! 

    You are now just one click away from playing the game on 

    Timeline Trivia

    Timeline Trivia is a free online quizz game where you have to date events. Test your knowledge in multiple themes: movies, sports, celebrities, etc


    Timeline Trivia



    Play now !


  2. Dino Rush Race update: New community levels screen

    Posted by patrice on December 22nd, 2018
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    New community levels screen

    With hundreds of levels created by our community the screen displaying them became really unusable and it was urgent to replace it!

    New community levels screen

    Updated community levels screen

    This new screen uses infinite scrolls and can display an unlimited number of levels!

    In addition, levels can be sorted by date, popularity or length. It is time to play on the best user-created levels and to showcase yours!


    Happy Holidays!

    Happy Holidays with Nemoïd!

    Get the game

    If you are not playing Dino Rush Race yet, get it now for free on the App Store:

    Download now for free

  3. Dino Rush Race first content update

    Posted by patrice on October 5th, 2018
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    We are excited to announce the first content update for Dino Rush Race!


    Versus mode

    The main feature of this update is the ability to race against other people from the leaderboard panel in each level. The new race against button Race against button will allow you to do a 1 versus 1 game!

    New leaderboard

    Updated leaderboard with the race against button

    The friends list still comes from Game Center automatically if you are connected with it. Otherwise please use Facebook Connect which is now fully functional: it was not at the game launch because we needed to wait for Facebook to validate our app.


    Not alone in Community Levels

    You will find the same race against button Race against button in Community Levels : in this mode you will play against the level creators best score and against the world record !

    Level panel

    Updated level panel


    Level editor help

    An image speaks better than a 1000 words. No more excuses for not making your own awesome level!

    Editor help


    Get the game

    If you are not playing Dino Rush Race yet, get it now for free on the App Store:                  

    Pre-order Dino Rush Race

  4. Dino Rush Race is on early access on the App Store!

    Posted by patrice on August 27th, 2018
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    After almost 2 years of development and a 6 months beta period, we are very excited to announce the early access of Dino Rush sequel on the iOS App Store.

    Dino Rush Race icon

    Pre-order Dino Rush Race

    Dino Rush Race is a new 2D multiplayer game for your mobile.

    Get the game today and start racing against other players from all over the world!

    Build your own tracks using the in-game level editor and share them with the community!


    Game trailer