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Dino Rush Race new update - Android is out of beta

Posted by patrice on December 19th, 2019
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                   We are excited to announce a new update for Dino Rush Race!



We have simplified the stamina system in the game. There is no more stamina cost for entering a level, only a fixed stamina cost at every retry. In addition, we have introduced a new item: the fruit gem. Eating a fruit gem allows you to fully restore the stamina of your character.

A Gruit Gem

Yummy Fruit Gem


New end game panel and rewards

We have revamped the end game panel and offers a new reward : get 500 Race against button when you beat your personal best score on a 3-star level

New end race panel

New end race panel


Support us

Making video games requires a lot of time and resources. We are a small team of passionate trying to make the best game we can. We released Dino Rush Race as a Free To Play game allowing anyone to play it. We have put into it some in-app purchases for cosmetic items and a few unobtrusive ads in order to try to make a living out of it. It didn't work. We are now trying something else: a Support Us page in the store. If you like the game and want to see more updates and things we promised (ie: the Volcano World) please consider taking a subscription there. The future of Dino Rush Race depends on it.

Support Us!


People with an active subscription will get a nice frame for their avatar, to show other players how great they are!

Avatar frame

A golden frame for great supporters



The game is now out of beta on Android and has the exact same features as iOS. If you or your friends have an Android device it's time to start racing!


Get the game

If you are not playing Dino Rush Race yet, get it now for free :

Download on App Store
Download on Google Play
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